Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Spain and Spanish Property – A Great Way to Rejuvenate

It breaks my heart to say goodbye to Spain, so I bought my own Spanish property in Costa Del Sol. Each time I decide to take a break from my job and life in Birmingham, I take a short trip to Spain, to my sea facing villa, and get re-energised to face the maddening city life again.

There are various sea resorts at a stone's throw from my villa. And I love going to the pubs and night clubs here in these resorts. By now I have befriended many of the locals here. I have also come across quite a few Brits like me who are smitten by the beauty and relaxing lifestyle of this country.

However, what interests me most is that some of the Spaniards here are interested in settling in England. This is particularly seen in the young people here, who wish to go to England to pursue further studies or for greater prospects in their career.

The people here are really cordial and they are more hospitable than any other place I have visited. Every time I come here, everything about this place – the weather, the people and my very own share of the much adulated Spanish property - completely refreshes me and prepares me for yet another bout of jostling my way to decent survival.

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